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According to the Daily Mail, Dominic Hughes, from McTear's Auctioneers in Glasgow, said “The bottle was consigned to us by a Hungarian man whose father had procured it during World War II. The owner's father was taken as a prisoner of war and when he returned home he was given this bottle by a German soldier. It has been in his family ever since.”

The wine is 12 per cent Schwarzer Tafelwein - black table wine - thought to have been made in Germany.

Despite the wax seal atop the bottle, experts say the wine would now be undrinkable.

“The wine was possibly produced in Germany and would not have been amazing when it was bottled, but now it would be completely undrinkable.”says Hughes. “Two years after it was made Hitler was dead and the war was all but over. The bottle is a 1.5-litre magnum which is very rare.”

Autographed 'Mein Kampf' Fetches High Price

A two-volume copy of a Hitler's memoirs, signed by the infamous dictator himself, has been sold for $64,850 via an online auction

ByGraham Sigurdson

Published: February 28th, 2014 in Business » World

Autographed 'Mein Kampf' Fetches High Price

Hitler's Mein Kampf was one of the highest selling books of 2013, finding popularity via eBooks, where customers could purchase the infamous dictator's memoirs anonymously.

Now, on Thursday, a two-volume set of Mein Kampf, signed by the infamous leader of the Third Reich himself, has been sold for $64,850 in an online auction.

Experts reveal that the price is double than what it was expected to go for.

Originally published between 1925 and 1926, eleven people bid on the pair, with the winning bid including a buyer’s premium. Nate Sanders of Nate D. Sanders Auctions in Los Angeles estimated they would sell for anything from $20,000 to $25,000.

Also in the auction was a jacket owned by Albert Speer, which sold for $10,068. Sanders expected to catch flack for the auctions, saying “It is a piece of history. It is a very rare item.”

Mein Kampf, Hitler’s two volume autobiography/anti-Semitic manifesto, was dictated to Rudolf Hess while Hitler was incarcerated, to help raise the funding for his criminal defense.

Following the unification of most of the German states into a single empire in 1871, no period in succeeding history commenced with greater apparent glory nor pursued (and attained) greater infamy that than during which Germany fell under control of the National Socialist (or “Nazi”) Party.

Consequent to the fall of Imperial Germany and the subsequent faltering of Weimar Germany, it could be said that Nazi Germany arose on 30 January 1933, the day that Adolf Hitler legally became Germany’s chancellor after being appointed to this position by its revered President, Paul von Hindenburg. After turning the aged leader into a figurehead and disposing of the non-Nazis with whom he was to share power, Hitler quickly moved to end the economic poverty and mass unemployment (not to mention the sense of national shame and resentment) and under which Germany suffered in the years following the Treaty of Versailles, that ended the First World War. This was accomplished by the suppression of labor unions and the concomitant promotion of the massive military spending needed to fulfill Hitler’s expansionist ambitions. German prosperity soon returned, giving the regime enormous popularity and allowing Hitler's rule to flourish without significant challenge -- while The Nazi Gestapo embarked upon the destruction of any liberal, Socialist and Communist opposition and enacted laws in persecution of the Jewish people. The Nazi Party took control of the courts, local government, and all civic organizations except the Protestant and Catholic churches. All expressions of public opinion were controlled by Hitler's propaganda minister, Joseph Goebbels, who made effective use of film, mass rallies, and Hitler's skillful oratory.

The Nazi state idolized Hitler as its Führer ("Leader"), centralizing all power in his hands. Nazi propaganda centered on Hitler and was quite effective in creating the myth that Hitler was a God-like figure under whose rule Germany’s total restoration and rightful place as the ruler among nations would be attained.

During the 1930s, Nazi Germany under Hitler pursued a foreign policy of making outwardly reasonable territorial demands, coupled with the threat of war if they were not met. When foreign opponents responded by appeasing the Nazis, Hitler accepted the gains offered, then proceeded on to his next goal. This aggressive – yet essentially peaceful – strategy worked, as Germany allowing Germany to take back the Saar in 1935, remilitarize the Rhineland  in 1936, form an alliance with Benito Mussolini's Italy  in 1936, send massive military aid to Francisco Franco in the Spanish Civil War that ran from 1936 to 1939, annex Austria in the Anschluss of 1938, take over Czechoslovakia after the British and French appeasement of the Munich Agreement of 1938, and form a peace pact with the Soviet Union in 1939. War came after Hitler’s forces invaded Poland in September of 1939, an act of aggression that prompted Britain and France to declare war, signaling the start of the Second World War.

In the early part of this conflict, Nazi Germany conquered or controlled most of Europe and North Africa in furtherance of it’s intent to establish a "New Order" of complete Nazi German hegemony throughout Europe and beyond. In the course of this, the Nazis persecuted and killed millions of Jews, Gypsies and others in the industrialized exercise in mass murder that’s come to be known as the Holocaust. Despite its Axis alliance with other nations, mainly Italy and Japan, by 8 May 1945 Nazi Germany had been defeated by the Allied Powers, and was occupied by the Soviet Union, the United States, Britain and France, bringing its intended 1,000-year reign to an abrupt end.


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